\r\nExec Prop Management Exec Prop Management Business: (573) 332-8100Executive Property Management \r\nAaron AbernathyAaron AbernathyBusiness: (573) 243-8811Cell: (573) 225-0346Abernathy Realty \r\nLiz AbernathyLiz AbernathyBusiness: (573) 243-8811Cell: (573) 576-0682Abernathy Realty \r\nfirstname agentfirstname agent: +1 (573) 204-1069: +1 (450) 604-91 more try \r\nTeresa AufdenbergTeresa AufdenbergCell: 573-380-8178Century 21 Ashland \r\nTEAM AUSTINSTEAM AUSTINSCell: (573) 979-3333Brokerage: (573) 243-2555Realty Executives Edge \r\nCindy BackerCindy BackerCell: (573) 760-4243Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nDolores BakerDolores BakerCell: (573) 579-0848Brokerage: (573) 335-8111Realty Executives Edge \r\nKim BakerKim BakerBusiness: (573) 334-0125Cell: (573) 579-2378Century 21 Ashland \r\nRonda BarksRonda BarksCell: 573-631-1663Office: 573-756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nRhonda BaumannRhonda BaumannCell: 314-471-7905TdD Premier Real Estate - Kelly Hager Group \r\nHolly BaumenHolly BaumenDirect: (573) 701-2547Realty Executives Five Star Homes \r\nM.A. BellM.A. BellCell: (573) 604-BELLBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Website: www.MABellSells.comRealty Executives Edge \r\nCindy BerryCindy BerryCell: (573) 210-4010Office: 573-883-7171Realty Executives Five Star Homes \r\nPaula BiermanPaula BiermanBusiness: (573) 243-8811Cell: (573) 450-4492Abernathy Realty \r\nDevin BlandfordDevin BlandfordCell: (573) 517-8686American Homes Realty \r\nRyan BoydRyan BoydCell: 573-915-3386Triple Creek Realty \r\nAnna BrownAnna BrownCell: 573-934-1184Triple Creek Realty \r\nLinda BrownLinda BrownBusiness: (573) 243-8811Cell: (573) 979-0313Abernathy Realty \r\nBobbie BrowneBobbie BrowneCell: (636) 359-3354Office: (573) 431-2210Re/Max Best Choice \r\nCindy CallahanCindy CallahanBusiness: (636) 931-9800Cell: (314) 578-5612Realty Executives Five Star Homes \r\nAmy CatesAmy CatesCell: 573-883-6556Re/Max Realty Experts \r\nJane ClarkJane ClarkCell: +1 (573) 270-0250Home: (573) 335-3784Office: +1 (573) 335-0121dfghdfgh \r\nSherrie CooperSherrie CooperCell: 573-315-8369Office: 573-664-1691Triple Creek Realty \r\nVicky CrockerVicky CrockerCell: (573) 747-8099Vicky Crocker Realty \r\nLance CuretonLance CuretonCell: 573-561-4400United Country Homestead \r\nRichard & Cindy DeasonRichard & Cindy DeasonMain: (573) 760-9956Alt: (573) 760-9979Website: www.teamdeason.comKeller Williams Realty \r\nMichelle DoughtenMichelle DoughtenBrokerage: (573) 243-2555Cell: (573) 450-3890Realty Executives Edge \r\nJo DuffJo DuffBusiness: (573) 335-0121 ext 237Cell: (573) 450-1255Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nBendi DunnBendi DunnCell: (573) 747-6569Office: (573) 734-2562Fax: (573) 734-2563Grisham Inc \r\nCarla DuVallCarla DuVallCell: (573) 631-9450Office: (573) 431-2210Home: (573) 631-9450Re/Max Best Choice \r\nDebbie EastDebbie EastBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 382-2255Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nTara ElfrinkTara ElfrinkBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 837-2831Realty Executives Edge \r\nAmanda EvansAmanda EvansCell: (573) 475-0090RE/MAX Plus Realty \r\nKathi FishKathi FishBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 450-9159Realty Executives Edge \r\nWendy FlynnWendy FlynnCell: 573-380-0553RE/MAX Plus Realty \r\nLisa FrieseLisa FrieseBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 579-2891Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nJulie GaertnerJulie GaertnerCell: (636) 579-6326Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Alliance \r\nDebby GalemoreDebby GalemoreBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 837-0837Realty Executives Edge \r\nJennifer GarnerJennifer GarnerCell: 636-236-4995Keller Williams Realty \r\nSharon GillSharon GillBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 450-9645Home: (573) 335-0353Realty Executives Edge \r\nMary GilliamMary GilliamCell: (573) 760-6480Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nRhonda GilliamRhonda GilliamCell: 573-631-3479R Gilliam Real Estate LLC \r\nCandace GloreCandace GloreCell: (573) 366-8739Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nBobby and Elizabeth GrayBobby and Elizabeth GrayBrokerage: (573) 243-6500Bobby Cell: (573) 382-2585Elizabeth Cell: (573) 382-2550Realty Executives Edge \r\nCheryl GritherCheryl GritherBusiness: (573) 883-7171Home: 573-579-5426Realty Executives Five Star Homes \r\nBrad HaertlingBrad HaertlingBusiness/Cell: (573) 579-7999River Realty \r\nMary HaganMary HaganCell: (573) 701-1690Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nTracey HaganTracey HaganBusiness: (573) 547-8385Cell: (573) 768-5676Re/Max Realty Experts \r\nTara HaleTara HaleCell: (573) 783-1848Statler Realty \r\nMartha HamiltonMartha HamiltonBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 450-0704Home: (573) 334-5807Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nMatthew HerbstMatthew HerbstCell: (573) 760-4635Triple Creek Realty \r\nFredi HolbertFredi HolbertCell: (573) 631-3895Phone: (573) 431-2210Re/Max Best Choice \r\nKim HutsonKim HutsonMobile: 573-760-9789Office: 573-756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nRicki  IngRicki IngBusiness: (573) 270-1821Cell: (573) 270-1821Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nDebbie JenningsDebbie JenningsCell: (573) 275-1533Website: www.debbiejennings.comOffice: 800-532-8385Re/Max Realty Experts \r\nAmy JohnsonAmy JohnsonCell: (573) 979-5979Brokerage: (573) 243-2555Realty Executives Edge \r\nJennifer JonesJennifer JonesCell: (314) 952-3994Realty Executives Five Star Homes \r\nPriscilla KastenPriscilla KastenPhone: (573) 270-3446Brokerage: (573) 335-8111Realty Executives Edge \r\nDavid KiefferDavid KiefferCell: (573) 450-3951Century 21 Ashland \r\nSheila KingSheila KingCell: (573) 579-5509Brokerage: (573) 335-8111Realty Executives Edge \r\nDelena KofronDelena KofronPhone: 573-631-4414MidWest Real Estate \r\nTammy KwikkelTammy KwikkelOffice: (573) 243-6500Realty Executives Edge \r\nRita LandoltRita LandoltCell: 573-631-6546Triple Creek Realty \r\nLeslie LeimbachLeslie LeimbachBrokerage: (573) 243-2555Cell: (573) 450-6582Realty Executives Edge \r\nAmber LewisAmber LewisCell: (314) 651-3292Real Living Gateway \r\nKaren LewisKaren LewisCell: (573) 275-1264Brokerage: (573) 335-8111Realty Executives Edge \r\nLaura LincolnLaura LincolnCell: (573) 450-0878Office: (573) 243-8811Abernathy Realty \r\nLois LongLois LongPhone: (573) 382-4367Brokerage: (573) 243-2555Realty Executives Edge \r\nAlma LorchAlma LorchCell: (573) 760-6042Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nPatty MainPatty MainBusiness: (573) 987-0721Cell: (573) 579-9893Century 21 Ashland \r\nAmelia MansfieldAmelia MansfieldBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 579-7721Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nWendy MarberryWendy MarberryBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 450-0142Realty Executives Edge \r\nKarla MarquartKarla MarquartBusiness: (573) 334-0125Cell: (573) 450-0459Century 21 Ashland \r\nSusie McBrideSusie McBridePrimary: (573) 631-0973Secondary: (573) 431-2210Other: (573) 358-9036Re/Max Best Choice \r\nBeth McFerronBeth McFerronBusiness: (573) 334-2875Cell: (573) 270-9575Thomas L Meyer Realty Co \r\nDave McKeenDave McKeenCell: (314) 560-2420Office: (636) 931-3777Direct Line: (636) 931-5532Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Alliance \r\nTina McMahonTina McMahonBusiness: 573-651-4363Cell: 573-275-1509McClanahan Realty \r\nTina M. McMahonTina M. McMahonCell: (573) 275-1509Business: (573) 243-8811Abernathy Realty \r\nTim MeekTim MeekBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 238-5090Home: (573) 238-4621Realty Executives Edge \r\nMisty MerrittMisty MerrittCell: (573) 631-8199My Real Estate \r\nThomas M Meyer GRI, CIPSThomas M Meyer GRI, CIPSBusiness: (573) 334-2875Cell: (573) 270-4499Thomas L Meyer Realty Co \r\nKaren MogelnickiKaren MogelnickiCell: (573) 225-8781Home: (573) 334-4547Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nLori MontgomeryLori MontgomeryCell: 314-440-1363Keller Williams Realty \r\nSandi OwensSandi OwensCell: (573) 450-3751Brokerage: (573) 243-6500Realty Executives Edge \r\nAmy ParksAmy ParksCell: (573) 450-5836Brokerage: (573) 243-6500Realty Executives Edge \r\nDebbie PierceDebbie PierceBrokerage: (573) 243-2555Cell: (573) 979-1831Home: (573) 243-9326Realty Executives Edge \r\nTaylor PinkertonTaylor PinkertonPhone: 573-576-7999Abernathy Realty \r\nConnie PonderConnie PonderCell: (573) 579-7266Office: (573) 335-0121Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nMichelle QuadeMichelle QuadeCell: (573) 450-4869Home: (573) 243-6197Business: (573) 243-8811Abernathy Realty \r\nJared RitterJared RitterCell: (573) 450-8125Office: 573-803-3880Ritter Real Estate \r\nShannon RitterShannon RitterCell: (573) 450-8142Office: 573-803-3880Ritter Real Estate \r\nMarcia SchlueterMarcia SchlueterBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 225-8202Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nJames SeyerJames SeyerCell: 573-275-5498Brokerage: 573-335-8111Realty Executives Edge \r\nDianne ShantzDianne ShantzBrokerage: (573) 335-8111Cell: (573) 979-4554Realty Executives Edge \r\nRoger SkinnerRoger SkinnerBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 579-1408Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nDwayne SmithDwayne SmithCell: 573-747-7059Keller Williams Realty \r\nTerry SmithTerry SmithPhone: (314) 640-1350Abernathy Realty \r\nHaley SpencerHaley SpencerCell: 573.450.1605Office: 314.756.8256Realty Executives of St. Louis \r\nMatt StacyMatt StacyOffice: (573)783-8231Cell: (314)223-0488Swinford Realty \r\nTom StanfieldTom StanfieldCell: (573) 760-6000Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nCatherine StevensCatherine StevensCell: (573) 270-2060 Office: (573) 334-2121Century 21 Ashland \r\nVicki StroudVicki StroudBusiness: (573) 334-2121Cell: (573) 576-7742Century 21 Ashland \r\nDonna StrupDonna StrupCell: (573) 979-4056Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nMichelle StullMichelle StullBusiness: (573) 243-8811Cell Phone: (573)270-9655Fax: (573) 243-8811Abernathy Realty \r\nWanda SucharskiWanda SucharskiOffice: 573-756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nKim TaylorKim TaylorCell: (573) 450-2282Area Properties Real Estate - River Region \r\nBill TegelBill TegelCell: 573-587-6449Abernathy Realty \r\nSandy TegelSandy TegelCell: (573) 979-5719Abernathy Realty \r\nDebbie ThurmanDebbie ThurmanCell: (573) 450-1063Brokerage: (573) 243-2555Website: www.debthurman.comRealty Executives Edge \r\nCathy TrenthamCathy TrenthamCell: (573)382-0050Cape Girardeau Office: (573)334-2121Jackson Office: (573)987-0721Century 21 Ashland \r\nJim TriplettJim TriplettCell: (573) 760-4246Office: (573) 756-5711Cindy Backer: (573) 760-4243Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nVanessa TrokeyVanessa TrokeyCell: (573) 330-6261Office: (573) 756-5711Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nDavid VoshageDavid VoshageBusiness: (573) 334-7736Cell: (573) 450-9858Home: (573) 243-8618Century 21 Ashland \r\nJudy & Tom WeddleJudy & Tom WeddleJudy: (573) 760-6540Tom: (573) 760-6477Office: (573) 756-5711Action Realty Company \r\nDavid WernerDavid WernerOffice: (573) 756-5711Cell: (314) 402-0176Coldwell Banker Hulsey \r\nLinda WissmannLinda WissmannBusiness: (573) 335-0121Cell: (573) 270-5072Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bridgeport \r\nName WithheldName WithheldKLPM